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GGF Drag Bingo FAQ

 What Should I Expect?

Well, I always like to say: expect the unexpected!  GGF Drag Bingo is not a scripted program and will often push the boundaries of political correctness.  The evening includes 10 games of bingo, drag performances, and witty banter.

How Young Is Too Young For Green Queen Bingo?

While all ages are welcome, keep in mind that the humor is appropriate for a 15+ audience.  Please know that everything is done in good fun, and malice is never intended.

What Should I Wear?

Every bingo has a theme.  We encourage everyone to dress in costume to enhance the experience.  If you don’t want to dress up, comfortable and casual clothes are typical.  Please note that you don’t have to come in drag…unless you really want to.

How Do I Play gay Bingo?

The game is still the same – however, we don’t play the standard horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines, come on, there are no straight lines in gay bingo!  There will be a creative pattern that ties into the theme of the event.   You will play a specific pattern for each game – game boards are available on the tables.    For more detailed information on playing the patterns, please click here.

What Should I Bring?

Friends and lots of them!  GGF Drag Bingo is a unique experience, and they will appreciate a wonderful evening of fun and bingo.

Do I Need Cash?

It makes it easier if you have cash, however, if you want to purchase your tickets using a credit/debit card, you will need to purchase your tickets in advance.  If you forget to bring cash, there is an ATM within a few blocks of The Elm Street Center. Once you purchase your tickets, you will only need money for:

  • purchasing concessions and daubers (everything’s $1),
  • raffle tickets for the fabulous raffle items
  • tip money for performers that really give you a good show
  • adult beverages

How Late Does Bingo Go Until?

We try to finish the evening by 10-10:30PM.  We do our best to start on time, but sometimes with a crowd of 500+, it can be difficult to get everyone where they are supposed to be in a timely fashion (especially after intermission).

Do I Have To Purchase Tickets In Advance?

No, you don’t have to purchase tickets in advance.  We will begin selling tickets at 6:00PM the night of bingo and usually tickets are available for purchase the night of. However, if you plan on arriving late (after the start of the event at 7:30pm) or if you have a large group attending, we recommend purchasing your tickets online, in advance.

I Purchased Tickets Online, and I Don’t Have a Printer To Print My Receipt (or I Lost It):

No worries – as long as you got an email confirming your ticket purchase, you are all set.   We maintain a master list of all advance ticket purchasers and their guests, so all you need to do is give your name to the GGF Volunteer working at the Advance Ticketholder table and they will check your name off the list and give you your game cards.

Do You Have The Thingys To Mark The Bingo Game Boards?

We do sell the thingys to mark the game boards (daubers) in a variety of colors for $1.00 – as well as extra game cards.

Do You Offer Food/Concessions?

Various snacks (popcorn and candy), sodas and water are sold at bingo for a reasonable price.  Occasionally, we will partner with local food vendors to provide simple fare.

Will There Be Alcohol Available For Purchase?

Yes – there will be a full cash bar available for attendees to take advantage of.  However, due to the State of NC gaming laws, alcohol is not permitted in the same space that bingo is taking place.  So, all adult beverages must be enjoyed in the separate bingo bar area and can’t be enjoyed while you are playing bingo.

What If I Have Other Questions or Concerns?

Feel free to contact GGF by emailing or calling the office at 336-790-8419.