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Game Sponsorship Information


What Should I Expect?

Well, I always like to say:  expect the unexpected!  GGF Drag Bingo is not a scripted program and will often push the boundaries of political correctness.  While all ages are welcome, the humor is appropriate for a 15 year old plus audience.  Please know that all fun and games is always in good fun, and malice is never intended.

What Should I Wear?

Every bingo has a theme.  We encourage everyone to dress in costume to enhance the experience.  On the other hand, comfortable and casual clothes are typical.  Please note that you don’t have to come in drag…unless you really want to.  : )

What Are My Responsibilities As A Sponsor?

When your game is in play, you will get a few minutes up to stage to speak about your company/organization.  Feel free to make this as creative as you wish (costumes, a skit, giveaways, dancing, etc…).  During the game you will get to banter back and forth with the Green Queen, as you call the balls (the numbers) for the game.   This is a great time to poke fun at your friends, yourself, and if you dare, the Green Queen.

What Should I Bring?

Friends and lots of them!  GGF Drag Bingo is a unique experience, and they will appreciate a wonderful evening of fun and bingo.

In addition, please feel free to bring any marketing materials that will help advertise your company/organization.  Handbills, coupons, small token gifts, business cards, and the like can be placed on the tables for attendees to pick up.   We’ll help you anyway we can sell your company/organization.  We are proud of our game sponsors!

When Will I Know What Game Is Mine, And When I’m To Be On Stage?

Because of the fluid nature of the game, it is hard to determine exact times.  We will know one week in advance which game is yours – and if it is pre or post intermission.  The Green Queen or some other GGF representative will call you or your organization up to the stage when it is your turn.

What If I Can’t Make It To The GQB Game That I Sponsored?

While no one can sell your company/organization as you can, either find a replacement within your company/organization or you may send us an email with everything you want to convey.  We will ensure that information is passed on to the audience.

How Can I Get More Tickets?

Remember, as a game sponsor you get 2 tickets included with your sponsorship.  So, anything over that – you will need to either purchase them in advance (via our website) or at the door.   If you manage to bring a group of 10 of more – we’d be happy to reserve seats for your group, just shoot us an email at

Do You Offer Food/Concessions?

Various snacks (popcorn and candy), sodas and water are sold at GGF Drag Bingo for a reasonable price.  Occasionally, we will partner with local food vendors to provide simple fare.  You can also purchase daubers and extra game cards.  The Empire Room also provides a full cash bar in the Upper Regency Room.

What If I Have Other Questions or Concerns?

Feel free to contact GGF by emailing or calling the office at 336-790-8419.