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Dawn S. Chaney Award

GGF created this award to not only honor one of the organization’s most supportive women, but also to celebrate and lift up the work that women make in our community supporting the mission of the organization.


About Dawn:

Dawn started her life in the small town of Hopewell, PA.  She was the fifth and final child in a family of coal miners.  Life was simple.  Dawn’s mother worked outside the home and traveled to Washington, DC to demonstrate for the rights of workers to form unions.

Dawn completed her undergraduate studies at Penn Hall, near Gettysburg, PA and then earned a Master’s Degree at Texas Woman’s University (TWU), where she began teaching at the college level at age 22.  She then returned to TWU and completed a PhD by age 29.

Her teaching career took her to the State University of New York, the University of Delaware, and Bennett College for Women where she became a Department Chair.  After more than 16 years in higher education, the entrepreneurial spirit called and Dawn built a property investment business, Chaney Properties.

Today Dawn leads a growing and thriving business that began with one property.  She learned to follow her passion, to always give back, and to never forget who helped her get there.  As her business has grown, Dawn has mentored other women with an entrepreneurial spirit.  She never stops dreaming!  So far Dawn has followed a path inspired by her mother’s belief that she could do anything she wanted to do and become anyone she wanted to be.

Dawn’s involvement with GGF has been wide and varied.  She sponsored the very first Green Party, she helped establish the GGF Endowment Fund and co-chaired the committee that raised the first $100,000 for the endowment.  But she didn’t stop raising money once the endowment fund was created, she consistently fundraises on GGF behalf’s – whether it is collecting items for the GALA silent auction, securing corporate sponsorships for events or doing cultivation work on behalf of the Women’s Party/Friendship Fund Drive.  She has served on the Board of Directors and currently serves on the Advisory Board.

Dawn firmly believes what she shared at the first GGF Women’s Party:  “Strong women make a difference.  Powerful women make change.” 

Award Recipients:

2015 Recipient – Senator Kay Hagan
2014 Recipient – Nancy Hoffman
2013 Recipient – Laurelyn Dossett
2012 Recipient – Dawn S. Chaney