Foundation Spotlights

Grantee: Interactive Resource Center

Construction has begun on the new private restrooms at the IRC!

Melissa Greer

Guilford Green makes it easy to sell Greensboro as a progressive, welcoming, and inclusive place to live.

Marshand Hager

GGF has developed strong partnerships with local leaders to stand up for the LGBTQ community and make Greensboro an inclusive and comfortable home for all people.

Board Member Gary Palmer

One of GGF’s biggest contributions to the people of Greensboro is its provision of a community that is comfortable enough for them to stand up and proudly proclaim who they are.

GGF Grantee Mark Cassity with the Triad Health Project

A part of the Triad Health Project, Higher Ground is a home for people who are HIV positive or otherwise affected by the virus to seek solace and companionship.

GGF Grantee Susan Feit with NCCJ

GGF has been investing in Guilford County youth for many years through grants to NCCJ’s ANYTOWN program.

Ivey Ghee – Getting Involved

The Friendship Fund Drive aids in furthering the sustainability of GGF, so that Guilford Green can continue to support the Greensboro community.