Foundation Spotlights

Ivey Ghee – Giving

The Five Dollar Campaign is just one of the many ways that GGF makes it easy to monetarily support the organization’s mission.

Lee Huggins

In the past 12 years, GGF has evolved from just a concept to a hard-working group of people who are making significant strides in the Greensboro community.

Sandra O’Connor

Guilford Green has grown into a community foundation that supports a variety of projects, from the Triad Pride Men’s Chorus to efforts to stop bullying in schools.

Shane Burton

In Guilford Green’s 15 years of granting history, the foundation has given more than $700,000 to local organizations in Guilford County and the surrounding Triad areas.

Sue Fanin

Guilford Green is an organization unique to the city of Greensboro that is working to establish a community that accepts people of all walks of life.

Julie Peeples

GGF strengthens the whole community through its support of various organizations and efforts, specifically in building the partnership between institutions of faith and the LGBTQ community.

Pat Cross

ANYTOWN, a camp for teenagers to learn about themselves and each other, is one of the many endeavors that GGF actively supports.