Foundation Spotlights

Ivey Ghee - Getting Involved

Ivey:  My name is Ivey Ghee.  I am a current Board member for the Guilford Green Foundation.  The day that Tom Campbell called and he said, “Hey, Ivey you’ve been volunteering, giving us your time and we know that you believe in us.  Join our Board.”  That to me was the “aha” it makes sense.  You’ve been volunteering and you’ve been contributing to this organization.  They believe in you.  Help us make decisions.  That was the “aha” to me, especially knowing the way that it happened.

Seven years ago just serving Dawn Chaney at one of her favorite places to dine to now during the Board meetings being able to sit beside her and be so inspired by the things that she says.   The ammunition that she gives you before you leave it just makes you want to run out and continue to do everything that you can for Guilford Green, so I would have to say that was my “aha” moment.

The Friendship Fund Drive is a specific drive that goes on to further the sustainability, the ongoing expenses of Guilford Green.  Without doing something to sustain and capitalize on making sure that we are going to be survivors, like I said it’s like the hand the glove it makes sense.  How are we  going to catch it if we aren’t out there promoting an easy way to make sure that this program stays around forever.

It’s for sustainability. If we’re raising money and putting it out there, not only is it to take care of the LGBT organization, but it directly affects me.  It makes sense for me to make sure that I want to support not only because I’m a Board member, but support simply because I’m a member of the community.  I truly believe that when you believe in something and it directly affects you, why not contribute?  Because nine times out of ten it’s going to directly come back around to support you.