Foundation Spotlights

Melissa Greer

Melissa:  I’m Melissa Greer and I’m a current Board member with the Guilford Green Foundation.  This is my third year.  I have been involved in the Guilford Green for years, since the very beginning, but never served on the Board until recently.  I think it’s really important as far as an organization, because it promotes diversity and acceptance of all different kinds of people.  In the past few years I’ve really felt a need to give a little bit more of myself and become involved and understand a little bit more about what the organization did and where the money was going, and see if I could help in other ways.

I think a lot of people who are involved in the Guilford Green Foundation do the same thing.  It’s not just the financial end of it, it’s giving of yourself and believing in the cause.  The Friendship Drive is kicking off this week and it is basically a combination of all our fundraising.  The Friendship Drive is any money that’s raised at the Women’s Party, money raised at the Gala, any of our events, any private donations, and it’s what we use to fund our grant so it’s really important.  It’s really grown over the years.  It’s been amazing to see how every year it gets a little more successful.  

The interesting thing about Guilford Green, which I volunteer with other organizations, and Guilford Green has an endowment so a lot of the Friendship Drive, some of that money goes to an endowment where it keeps working and keeps growing.  I think that’s important too.  I think that’s unusual for an organization like the Guilford Green.

One of the reasons this organization is so important is because I work with people who come from all over.  For the most part people want to come to a place that is progressive, accepting and welcomes new people.  Symbolically I think the Guilford Green is an organization that represents that locally.  I think it’s very important to have organizations like the Guilford Green in cities.  It makes it easier to sell Greensboro as a great place to live.