A Catalyst For Social Justice

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Guilford Green Foundation Grant History


Over the past 18 years, GGF has invested over $750,000 in the form of 235 grants to over 50 different LGBTQ and allied organizations doing good work on behalf of the LGBTQ community. In our early granting years the focus was on the critical need of supporting those in our community dealing with the new HIV/AIDS epidemic and over the years has grown to grants working with the faith/religious communities as well as grants that work to build solidarity and promote movement building across lines of color, gender, class and income.

Because we are a small granting organization, we pride ourselves on being able to work with emerging projects and start-up organizations in hopes of creating sustainable projects and organizations.  As we look back over our years of granting history, we hope that it is evident that GGF has been a real agent of change in the Greensboro community.

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